The team

Meet the people of the ideas42 Venture Studio

The ideas42 Venture Studio is made up of entrepreneurs, core members, contributors from ideas42, board members, and advisors. Our goal is to give our entrepreneurs access to the widest range of experiences and expertise as possible.

# Core team

Venture Studio staff and ideas42 core team members.

# Advisors

# Our values

At the ideas42 Venture Studio, our values are not words that guide our actions, but instead words that reflect who we are, what we do, and how we do it. While our business building model is constantly evolving, our actions, and thus our values are not.

We are humble and ambitious, and see no conflict between those two. We trust each other, but are not afraid to ask questions (easy and hard ones). We share in our successes and failures, but understand that being low ego doesn’t mean having no ego. We are transparent, diverse, and always learning. Sometimes we get things wrong.

We don’t believe we can solve every social problem (humble), but we believe that we can make things significantly better (ambitious), while not supporting or maintaining power for structurally racist, sexist or otherwise inequitable entities.

Ventures for Shared Prosperity

Status: Offers

We're launching our first cohort of entrepreneurs at Ventures for Shared Prosperity, part of the Shared Prosperity Catalyst. This cohort is focused on improving the financial health and well-being of low and moderate income people in America.

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