Frequently asked questions

This page is a living document that we’ll update as questions come in (frequently or even only semi-frequently). One of our core values is transparency, and this document, and our entire site reflects that. We don’t know all the questions people have, so will do our best to answer them, and then post our replies here. Contact us with any questions.

What will I get as an entrepreneur at the ideas42 Venture studio?

What if I want to partner with one of the other cohort entrepreneurs to start a business together?

That would be awesome. We aren’t dogmatic about sole founders vs co-founders (we think Venture Studio leads serve as a quasi co-founder for sole founders, with lots of the upside of a co-founder experience, with less of the downside), but we would want to work with each of you to ensure both of you are comfortable with the decision making structure and areas of responsibility. It would also change your ownership stake in the business, but that is up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

Do I need to have any software development experience to apply to be a founder?

Nope! Software development experience is valuable, but so are many other experiences and no one has every valuable experience. Part of our role at the Studio is ensuring you have the talent around you to fill the gaps (reminder, everyone has gaps!) in your experience set.

Do you care what level of education I have?


What do you think are the core skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur?

Check out our what we're looking for page for some details on our thinking, but the most important thing is whether you believe you can be a successful entrepreneur.

Why are you focused on building software businesses?

We don’t think software can solve every problem, or even most problems, but there are some problems that software is very good at solving (and sadly lots of problems software is good at exacerbating) and as software developers and behavioral scientists it’s one of the tools we use to scale our impact.

Do I have to move to be an entrepreneur at the ideas42 Venture Studio?

Nope. Our team is fully remote, in part to ensure that there is no distinction between those at a "home office" and those working from home.