What we're looking for

While there is no specific set of skills we are looking for, we are looking for people who have several key traits.

  • You are resourceful: able to inspire others to work for, fund, and contribute to their eventual company.
  • You are gritty: able to stick with the challenges of starting a buisiness, especially when it is hard.
  • You are empathetic: able to understand the perspectives of others and interrogate their own perspectives.
  • You are creative: able to think of novel solutions to complex problems.

There are many ways to demonstrate these traits: through work and professional experience, through volunteering, or through other personal experiences. We care about what you’ve done in the past, but we care more about what you can do in the future. We look forward to hearing your story and getting to know you.

The importance of lived experience

Beyond the above traits, we believe that having a direct, personal connection to the challenges we are looking to solve will help founders build stronger, more impactful businesses, and will sustain your passion through the inevitable ups and downs of starting a business. We refer to this as lived experience. In the context of our challenge to improve the financial health and well-being of low and moderate income people in America, lived experience might be the knowledge of our broken healthcare system that you have from spending hours on the phone with an insurance company. Or maybe it’s what you know about the challenges of unpredictable shift scheduling from juggling multiple part-time jobs. We believe that this kind of experience is extremely valuable in building social impact businesses.