We build companies that solve massive social challenges

We recruit motivated individuals and surround them with design, technology, business building and behavioral science experts.

Our model

We recruit talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, with direct, lived experiences in our focus areas, and we work directly alongside them for 18 months in an intense research, behavioral design, prototype, sell, deployment, and fundraising process. At the end of 18 months, we expect each of our entrepreneurs to have a product in-market making a difference in the world, with capital to continue to grow far beyond the Venture Studio.

  • Months 1-6

    Opportunity identification Market evaluation and prototype development.

  • Months 7-12

    Sell pilots Market validation (and product iteration) through initial sales.

  • Months 13-18

    Go to market + raise capital Deploy initial product and raise external capital to grow the business.

How we evaluate business opportunities

We work with our entrepreneurs iteratively through a research, design, prototype, sell, deployment, and fundraising process, roughly chunked in three, six month long periods. We apply a behavioral science lens to collaboratively identify business opportunities (we don't expect our entrepreneurs to join the studio with a specific business idea), and focus on enterprise, value-based Software as a Service as our vehicle to scale our impact. When evaluating opportunities we ask, is there…

  • An illustration of of a purple circle (the intention) and a pink triangle (the action). In between them is a harsh looking yellow jagged line (the gap). An existing intention → action gap? (e.g. where an individual plans to do or not do something, but fails to follow through on their intention)
  • An illustration of a purple building and red building to represent an enterprise. An enterprise who benefits from closing that intention → action gap?
  • An illustration of a purple circle (the intention) and a pgink triangle (the action). Connecting them is a yellow line resembling a bolt of electricity (the data powered intervention). A data powered intervention that helps the individual follow through on their intention?

Pursuing opportunities with these three characteristics ensures we are actually helping people achieve their desired goals, and allows us to make value based sales to existing enterprises, while building technology to deliver that value, powered by data, and informed by behavioral science. This makes our businesses scalable, impactful and defensible.

Ventures for Shared Prosperity

Status: Offers

We're launching our first cohort of entrepreneurs at Ventures for Shared Prosperity, part of the Shared Prosperity Catalyst. This cohort is focused on improving the financial health and well-being of low and moderate income people in America.

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