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We recruit talented individuals with direct, lived experiences in our focus areas and we work alongside them for 18 months in an intense research, behavioral design, prototype, sell, deployment, and fundraising process. At the end of 18 months, we expect each of our entrepreneurs to have a product in-market making a difference in the world, with capital to continue to grow far beyond the Venture Studio.

What we provide

Starting a business is risky, and for many individuals without a personal financial safety net, or access to a network of individuals with significant capital to fund their venture, the risk is simply too high. At the ideas42 Venture Studio we can’t guarantee your success, but we can reduce the risk by providing you with the support you and your business need to grow.

  • Compensation
    $80k salary for 18 months, healthcare, home office setup, and 40% equity in business built
  • Dedicated team
    Full-time in house team of software engineers, product, business and behavioral science designers
  • Business Capital
    Access to roughly $120k to spend for sales, marketing, legal and additional tech support
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Applications are now closed

Applications for our 2022-2023 cohort on the Excess Costs of Poverty are now closed. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified when applications open for our next cohort.

  • ApplicationsSep 13 - Oct 10
  • Case StudiesOct 29 - Nov 15
  • Interviews round 1Dec 6 - Dec 15
  • Interviews round 2Jan 3 - Jan 7
  • OffersLate Jan
  • Cohort StartMid Feb

Our entrepreneurs

2022 to 2023Cohort Two

  • Darren Liddell

    Darren Liddell


  • Derrius Quarles

    Derrius Quarles


  • Alexandra Ruiz

    Alexandra Ruiz


  • Sangodare Wallace

    Sangodare Wallace


  • Elizabeth White

    Elizabeth White


2021 to 2022Cohort One

  • Celena Green

    Celena Green


  • LaToria Pierce

    LaToria Pierce


  • Kortney Ziegler

    Kortney Ziegler