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We recruit talented individuals with direct, lived experiences in our focus areas and we work alongside them for 18 months in an intense research, behavioral design, prototype, sell, deployment, and fundraising process. At the end of 18 months, we expect each of our entrepreneurs to have a product in-market making a difference in the world, with capital to continue to grow far beyond the Venture Studio.

Ventures for Shared Prosperity

Now recruiting

Apply to join our second cohort for 2022–2023. We are looking for four entrepreneurs to co-build companies for social good.

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Our current entrepreneurs

Our first Ventures for Shared Prosperity cohort is focused on the Excess Costs of Poverty.

  • Celena Green

    Celena Green

    Celena is saving jobs and sharing prosperity by helping aging small business owners transfer ownership of their businesses to their employees.

  • Santana Perez

    Santana Perez

    Santana is transforming the homebuying experience by streamlining the downpayment assistance process for qualifying families.

  • LaToria Pierce

    LaToria Pierce

    LaToria is crafting new career pathways for young single mothers through a revolutionary job share model enabled by software.

  • Kortney Ziegler

    Kortney Ziegler

    Kortney is creating new sources of emergency funding for those who need it by creating a money sharing platform built on dignity and community.