Cohort one: 2021-2022

Ventures for Shared Prosperity

Focused on improving the financial health and well-being of individuals and families with lower incomes.

As a part of the Shared Prosperity Catalyst we are recruiting talented individuals to join our 18-month business co-building program. The first cohort will start in January, 2021, and we are going to focus on building businesses that reduce the excess costs of poverty in America.

At the ideas42 Venture Studio we believe we can help improve the lives of individuals living in poverty by partnering with talented entrepreneurs to build and scale software powered, behavioral science informed businesses that address some of the diverse, complex and structural causes of poverty in America.

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Team Q&A Sessions

We recorded two Q&A sessions where we shared more about what we provide, how we think about building businesses, and why we think tackling the problem of the excess costs of poverty is important.