Ventures for Shared ProsperityJoin our next cohort

We are recruiting our second cohort of entrepreneurs for our Ventures for Shared Prosperity initiative who will work with the Venture Studio in our 18-month business co-building program. This cohort will start in February 2022, and we will continue our focus on building businesses that reduce the excess costs of poverty in America.


  • Months 1-6

    Opportunity identificationMarket evaluation and prototype development.

  • Months 7-12

    Sell pilotsMarket validation (and product iteration) through initial sales.

  • Months 13-18

    Go to market + raise capitalDeploy initial product and raise external capital to grow the business.

The focus area

While working with our incredible inaugural cohort of entrepreneurs cohort of entrepreneurs we have been inspired by their vision and commitment to improving the lives of those living in poverty. We have also continually been reminded of the myriad of ways in which the excess costs of poverty impact the lives of those living in poverty, and the work we have to do to eliminate those costs. We are pleased to maintain our focus on reducing the excess costs of poverty with our second cohort of entrepreneurs, and look forward to identifying additional ways to address this critical problem in collaboration with them.

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What we provide

Starting a business is risky, and for many individuals without a personal financial safety net, or access to a network of individuals with significant capital to fund their venture, the risk is simply too high. At the ideas42 Venture Studio we can’t guarantee your success, but we can reduce the risk by providing you with the support you and your business need to grow.

  • Compensation
    $75k salary for 18 months, healthcare, home office setup, and 40% equity in business built
  • Dedicated team
    Full-time in house team of software engineers, product, business and behavioral science designers
  • Business Capital
    Access to roughly $120k to spend for sales, marketing, legal and additional tech support

What we are looking for

We’re not looking for a specific resume line or skillset. We are looking for people who are resourceful, gritty, empathetic, creative and move quickly. Beyond all of that, we are looking for people with a direct, personal connection to the focus area. We call this lived experience.

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Learn more

Check out our frequently asked questions or send us an email if there’s something else we’re missing. We’ll also be holding video information sessions in September, so stay tuned.

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Apply to join

We’re recruiting four motivated people to co-build businesses with us that help address the excess costs of poverty. We’re looking for people (you?) that believe if given the time, the money, and the audience, they can channel their lived experiences, ideas, and talents into positive impact. Applications are due .